Friday, January 20, 2012

Olympic 50Km Racewalk Trials Tribute

The 50Km is the longest foot race in the Olympic Games. It is a grueling, growling, manaical beast that cannot be reasoned with, but must be fought with, using all the courage and strength one can muster to ultimately conquer and overcome. It tests your physical limits as well as your mental toughness. At 45km you find out who you really are as an athlete.

We salute the Olympic Trials competitors as they embark on their Argonaut journey!

Please click here, 50km Tribute, for our salute to these intrepid souls. Thank you for tuning into the shows and all the positive feedback, which is much appreciated!

Cheers in sport,

Chris Rael
Racewalk Planet Media

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Allen James-The Final Word

Allen James is the only athlete entered in the 2012 USA 50Km Olympic Racewalk Trials who has actually competed in the Olympic 50Km event. Therefore, for our next to last episode, we are giving Allen the final word to close out the show. And does he ever do a great job, speaking on a wide variety of subjects.

We thank you for tuning into these podcasts as we support our athletes as they get ready for the 2012 USA 50Km Olympic Racewalk Trials and hope you have enjoyed the interviews with the athletes.

We thank Allen James for being on today's show and remember to look for our final episode in a day or so!

Cheers to the athlete in all of us, but especially our Olympic Trials athletes!

Chris Rael
Racewalk Planet Media

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Michael Mannozzi-The Italian Stallion

We have had many diverse champions on this show, but none equal to the incomparable "Italian Stallion", Michael Mannozzi. Michael speaks a mile a minute but is a thoughtful, humble, and truly genuine person who speaks from the heart.

We thank Michael for being on the show and wish him the best in the 50km Olympic Trials!

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nathan Deakes-From Down Under To Across The Pond

We are extremely priveleged to host World Champion, World Record Holder, Olympic Medalist, and multi-time Commonwealth Champion, Australian Nathan Deakes, on today's show. Nathan shares his vast experience of competing at the top levels of the sport and his vision for the 2012 London Olympic Games. It is a rare opportunity to speak with someone of Nathan's stature and we know you will enjoy his insights and keen wit. He is a good natured soul and it is our honor to have him share his triumphs with us.

Enjoy the show and click here, Nathan Deakes, to follow his career. We thank Nathan for taking the time from his busy schedule to speak with us!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ben Shorey Delivers The Goods

Picking a favorite out of many fast athletes is always difficult, but Ben Shorey demonstrated to one and all that he has the goods to deliver, with his convincing win in Tustin at the 2011 National 50km Racewalk Championships. His 4:16:01 is the fastest time for 2011 which makes him the incoming favorite for the Olympic Trials. Ben speaks with us about 50km racewalking, race strategy, and the pressure of being an elite athlete.

Thanks to Ben for being on the show and keep tuning in as we have an extraordinary very special guest on our next show!


Chris Rael
Racewalk Planet Media

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jonathan Matthews-20 Years Between Olympic Trials

Johnathan Matthews first competed in the Olympic Trials 20 years ago, and while time has certainly passed, his passion for the sport has not. We catch up with Jonathan on New Year's Eve to talk about his career and his celebrated comeback races culminating in qualifying for the 2012 Olympic Trials.

We thank Jonathan for being on the show and invite you to subscribe to the podcast to catch all the exciting action!

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Ian Whatley Waxes Poetic (and technically) About Racewalking

Racewalking is a complex mix of individual body movements that form the sum of its parts. People have written their Doctoral Thesis on the biomechanical and physiological processes involved in these movements that are unique to our chosen event. A Doctorate in Racewalking! Luckily for us, we have expert "bio-engineer" and four time Olympic Trials Finalist, Ian Whatley, who will attempt to explain what is happening when we walk really really fast.

Ian is a veteran of the USA National Racewalk Team, having competed on many Pan Am Cup and World Cup teams, has been a National Champion, and as mentioned, a competitor in four Olympic Trials. I have known Ian for at least 20 years, he is the quintessential Englishman, speaking the Queen's English with that dry British wit and accent, and a friend who I must confess I never was able to beat in competition but who always gave me encouragement as he passed me by. It is a very special honor to have Ian on the show today and since the show has a London theme, we have dedicated a special opening song just for him.

Its gonna' be posh! Enjoy!

Chris Rael
Racewalk Planet Media

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